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Faux Stone Fence Panels

Faux Stone Fence Panel

Faux stone fence panels provide the look of granite

Faux stone fence panels by SimTek can be easily installed outdoors much like you would a conventional wood or vinyl fence. These manufactured stone panels come in various colors of artificial granite to match other features of your property. Simtek simulted stone panels are all virtually maintenance free and can be cleaned quickly with soap and water.  They withstand difficult weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow and provide privacy and security for your property. 

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Faux Stone Fence Panels

Stone wall beauty without the expense

  • Real stone look tested to withstand winds over 100MPH
  • Much greater impact resistance than vinyl - UV stabilized for a lifetime of vibrant color
  • Maintenance free - Stable in hot & cold weather extremes
  • Graffiti resistant - Lifetime warranty

To place an order for faux stone panels or to receive a shipping quote, please call 1-888-728-4695.

Available Faux Stone Panel Colors

faux stone panel
faux stone panel
faux stone panel
faux stone panel
Beige Faux Stone Panels Brown Faux Stone Panel Faux Stone Panel Desert Faux Stone Panel - White

Now Available in 4' X 8' and 8' X 8' panels, 

please call for pricing.

6x6 Faux Stone Fence Panels
SimTek 6'x6' Panel $225.00

3x6 Faux Stone Fence Panels
SimTek 3'x6' Panel $135.00

(shown with additional ornamental fence-sold separately)

Faux Stone Fence Posts
SimTek posts available in end, line and corner configurations. $72.00

Faux Stone Fence Gate Assembly
SimTek gates are available in 4' and 6' assemblies.
$538.50 (4'x6')- $688.50 (6'x6')

Gap Filler line end post

Post Gap Filler  $7.50

Line Post Shoe Skirt

Post Shoe and Skirt $37.50

  Single Post Cap 

Post Cap $3.00

Faux Stone Fence Panels