Metal Fence Posts for Wooden Fence

Metal Fence Post on Wooden FenceWooden fences will never go out of style. With natural beauty and endless design possibilities, wood fences will always be in demand. One of the challenges when using wood is solving the problem of treated wooden 4x4 posts that warp, twist, split and rot. Over the years people have built wooden fences with metal posts made of round steel pipe and used unattractive metal brackets to attach them together. These pipes and brackets protrude from the fence line, and detract from the beauty of the wood.

The innovative PostMaster from Master Halco is a metal fence post for wooden fences that allow the beauty of the wood to remain prominent, while providing the superior strength of metal. PostMaster posts will not warp or twist. PostMaster posts will not rot or crack. With a higher wind rating than steel pipe, steel tubing, cedar or redwood, the PostMaster is the strongest, longest lasting metal fence post for wood fence.

The unique design of the PostMaster allows a wooden fence with metal posts to be beautiful, strong and easy to install. PostMaster posts can be dug and set in concrete or driven in the ground. Either installation method will provide a solidly installed wood fence with metal posts.

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