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7 Insider Tips for Cleaning Your Outdoor Vinyl - From our Friends at Superior Plastic Products

You’ve heard about the advantages of vinyl. You’ve heard that it’s easy to maintain and to clean, that it will last for decades, that you don’t have to paint it, etc., etc., etc.
But do you know how to clean it?
Sometimes, in all the talk about how great vinyl is (and it is great!), we miss the fact that it will occasionally need to be cleaned.
After all, your vinyl is outside. Dirt is also outside! Pets! Tar! Mold! There are a lot of things that, over time, can make your vinyl look less-than-pristine.

Steps to Take Before Installing a Fence

The decision to install a fence around your home or property can be made for many reasons. Fences can provide privacy, security, beauty, safety and the right fence will provide some combination of all of these things. But, before any fence is installed, there are a number of steps to take and decisions to consider. Installing a fence is a significant project. Making sure to complete the proper steps, before digging starts, can help make the project go smoothly and within budget. Failure to complete the proper steps can lead to frustration, delays and more expense.

Possible Delays

In addition to the general shortages of building materials resulting from pandemic shutdowns, the recent inclement weather in Texas and other Southern States has put increased pressure on the PVC and plastics market.  These pressures have caused significant disruptions to the material supply chain.  This disruption has caused additional unplanned increases in raw materials from our suppliers. We understand the strain this puts on you, our valued customer, however Penn Fencing has no alternative but to issue this statement that orders for vinyl material may see significant delays. Penn Fencing cannot guarantee availability of material at this time.


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