Deer Fencing

Discourage deer with nearly invisible fence.

Once installed, C-Flex is virtually invisible against your landscaping. The fence is recommended for areas which experience light to moderate deer traffic. Popular with both landscapers and professional installers, C-Flex can be used to enclose the perimeter of your property or smaller areas such as gardens.

The "P" stands for premium strength. Like C-Flex, C-Flex "P" is virtually invisible once installed and is recommended for areas that experience heavy deer traffic.

To learn more, read our latest article to learn more about the best method to discourage deer.

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12 Galvanized T-Post
Model #: DeerFenceTPost
Price: $20.71
2 X 12 Deer Fence Post -Black
Model #: DeerFencePostblack
Price: $22.00
Deer Fence Ties -Black
Model #: DeerFenceTies
Price: $0.14
Bayco 2000 Tension Wire -Black
Model #: DeerFenceTension
Price: $298.00
Premium Strength Mesh Deer Fence
Model #: CFLEXP75164
Price: $228.00
3x25 Garden Fence Roll
Model #: 600916
Price: $15.03
4x50 Garden Fence Roll
Model #: 600923
Price: $39.29
Gardian 4x100 Safety Fencing Roll
Model #: 998044
Price: $21.83