Brick Columns

Brick Columns

Brick Columns with the look of authentic brick in a light weight and easy to install simulated brick.

  • Brick columns are Durable and maintenance-free.
  • Made of molded polyurethane with a realistic UV fade resistant finish.
  • Costs much less than conventional brick column masonry.
  • Easy to install onto common 4x4 posts.
  • Modular design offers architectural flexibility.
  • A variety of available accessories.


I bought 40ft of vinyl fence on May 28th.  1st of all, I was amazed how fast it was done.  I ordered it at 11:00am  and got a call around 3:30 it was done.  My buddy and I installed it last week.  It was very simple, the rails fit into the posts perfect, the slats connected, the c channel was very nice to close the gaps at the ends.  Finally it was nice to see the bottom rail was reinforced.  I got several compliments on how nice it looks.  I'm in the customer service business myself and know that very few satisfied customers say how happy they are.  Its typically someone who is complaining that contacts the company.  Thank you for a wonderful product.

Brian C Oakmont, PA