Brick Mailbox Posts

Brick Mailbox Posts

Brick Mailbox Post of Faux Brick, Faux Stone

Available in four popular Brick or Cobblestone styles.. 

  • Brick mailbox posts eliminate costly concrete foundations.
  • No assembly required; easy rapid installation.
  • Sleeves over a 4x4 using internal EZ-MasonTM bracket.
  • New exterior composite finish is designed to resist weed eaters.
  • Reduce potential vehicle impact injury. 


Just a brief comment about the installer, Ed Mistick (and his assistant):  he (they) worked hard all three days with a good attitude, despite horrible weather, packing issues, and some other installation challenges.  I was glad that he chose to install the chain link, too, even though he was only supposed to install the aluminum ornamental fencing.  (He also made it very clear that he will come back to fix any freeze/thaw problems or other possible issues.)

p.s. Charlie Fulmer is also a positive/valuable  representative for your company.

Deborah H