Monofilament Line Horse Fence

Monofilament Line Horse Fence
  • Designed by horse people, for horse safety. 
  • High density, low expansion polymer monofilament. Strong, flexible, stretches up to 20% then bounces back to maintain tension.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, sunlight, crop chemicals and organic solvents. Virtually maintenance free.
  • No metal. Does not conduct electricity, resists rust, no sharp edges.
  • Bright white. High visibility, attractive.
  • Lightweight. Easy to install (2,000ft. roll weighs just 23lbs).
  • Strong. Only 4mm in diameter but has the strength of 520kg (1,140lbs)
Bayco Monofiliment Horse Fence - 2000 Spool
Model #: bayco2000
Price: $365.00
Model #: AgrHotWire
Price: $49.50
Quik-End Wire Vise
Model #: BaycoQuickEnd
Price: $4.73
Quik-Splice Wire Link
Model #: BaycoWireLink
Price: $6.67
Tensioning Tool
Model #: BaycoTenTool
Price: $175.00
Gripple Tool For Wire Fence Splicing
Model #: Gripple
Price: $3.78
EasySnap Insulator
Model #: ES01W
Price: $1.75
EasySnap Inside Corner
Model #: ES01C
Price: $5.75