3 Rail Fence

3 rail horse fence

Vinyl is “maintenance free", aesthetically pleasing and has excellent durability. Vinyl horse fence can withstand the normal conditions associated with having horses corralled, such as rubbing and leaning. Horses tend not to crib on vinyl fencing. Vinyl does not rot, warp or splinter; this means that horses will be both safe and contained.

  • 11" spacing between rails
  • No treating.
  • No painting.
  • No sealing.
  • Built with no staples, nails or screws
Horizontal Vinyl Fence Rail - 1.5x8x5.5
Model #: 155596-W
Price: $10.94
3 Rail White Vinyl Blank Post
Model #: 4-3RP-W-B
Price: $20.27
3 Rail White Vinyl Corner Post
Model #: 4-3RP-W-C
Price: $20.27
3 Rail White Vinyl End Post
Model #: 4-3RP-W-E
Price: $20.27
3 Rail White Vinyl Line Post
Model #: 4-3RP-W-L
Price: $20.27
EasySnap Inside Corner
Model #: ES01C
Price: $5.75
5x5 Horse Head Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: S-55SHW
Price: $20.25
5x5 Dome Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1119W
Price: $6.62
5x5 Flat Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1011W
Price: $1.23
5x5 Gothic Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1312W
Price: $6.58
5x5 New England Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1040W
Price: $5.09
EasySnap Insulator
Model #: ES01W
Price: $1.75