Privacy Fence Boxed Kits

Boxed kits include top and bottom rails, privacy pickets and picket edge trim. Order posts, caps and gates as needed.

Privacy Fence

Boxed kits make beauty and privacy easy to achieve.

Boxed Kits

Top and bottom rails are slotted to hold picket panels in place. Rails are also notched at both ends to snap securely into the routed posts.
Bottom rail includes aluminum support channel.
Picket panels are interlocking tongue and groove.

Privacy Fence Boxed Kits

Privacy Fence Boxed Kits

Boxed kits include assembly instructions.

Panels use slotted rails for sturdy construction. No weak, glued on pickets.

Posts are routed to accept the notched rails for a truly secure connection. No brackets, which can break easily.

Boxed kit fences are an easy DIY project. Our experienced staff is available for support via telephone or email.

Professional grade material used by the professional fence installers. Compare our quality to the big box stores. We use heavier grade, American made vinyl extrusions. Posts are made of 1/8" thick vinyl and do not require wood inside.

6x8 White Vinyl Privacy Fence Panel
Model #: 6-PBK-W-8
Price: $126.86
5 X 5 White Vinyl Line Post for Privacy Boxed Kit
Model #: 6-PBK-W-L
Price: $24.81
5 X 5 White Vinyl Corner Post for Privacy Boxed Kit
Model #: 6-PBK-W-C
Price: $24.81
5 X 5 White Vinyl End Post for Privacy Boxed Kit
Model #: 6-PBK-W-E
Price: $24.81
5 X 5 White Vinyl Blank Post for 6 ft fence
Model #: 6-PBK-W-B
Price: $24.81
6x4 White Vinyl Gate Kit for Privacy Boxed  Kit Fence
Model #: 6-PBK-W-4G
Price: $304.58
5x5 Flat Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1011W
Price: $1.23
5x5 New England Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1040W
Price: $5.09
5x5 Gothic Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1312W
Price: $6.58
5x5 Dome Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1119W
Price: $6.62
5x5 Horse Head Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: S-55SHW
Price: $20.25