Faux Stone Fence Columns

Incredible Authentic Look of Brick or Stone

Give your home great curb appeal for much less than conventional masonry stone.

Faux Stone Decorative Columns cost much less than traditional masonry and are easy to install.

With a faux stone decorative column, you can dig and set a treated 4x4 into the ground as you would a regular support post. The faux column fits over the wood post and a faux stone column cap is secured with the supplied adhesive. Fence panels are attached to the columns to finish the project. Penn Fencing has a variety of these products and helpful staff to assist you.

Decorative Columns faux1
Faux Stone  

Column Bases


Mailbox Column Bases


sierra_sand          limestone          beige_blend          marble_gray          summer_tan          dakota_blend
Sierra Sand        Limestone        Beige Blend       Marble Gray       Summer Tan      Dakota Blend


rich_brown          bold_rouge_dusted            bordeaux
Rich Brown   Bold Rouge Dusted   Bordeaux

Column Base Pedestals


Column Base Caps


Column Sleeve Pedestal


Column Sleeve Caps


Column Sleeve