Dean Salisbury

Dean's Photo Corner

If you ever wondered how we get such great installation pictures for our Web site, our own Dean Salisbury took many of them. Dean has worked in sales with Penn Fencing since 2005.

Dean has a long history as a photographer. His fascination with photography started in 1966 when he used his Dad’s Argus C3 camera to record images of family and friends. A stint in the US Air Force had him maintaining a camera system that was integrated into the Attack Radar System on the F111A tactical fighter aircraft. He has always enjoyed working with film, especially black and white, and he resisted using digital until 2007. These days, Dean spends some of his free time taking digital photographs of birds and nature, although he still has his dark room.

When you get an installation from Penn Fencing, you might get a call from Dean to see if it would be OK to take a few images of your installation. He might even send you a copy for your scrapbook if you ask.

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