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Why Buy from an AFA Certified Fence Professional?

American Fence Association (AFA) Certified Fence Professional (CFP) achievement and local chapter leadership has earned Penn Fencing, Inc. recognition as a valued member of the AFA.  American Fence Assoc. certification applies only to those who have demonstrated several levels of technical competency in fence specifications, fence product quality and fence installation. The certification must be renewed every 3 years to assure that the individual meets the stringent product, service and continued education requirements for the fence industry set forth by the American Fence Assoc.. When you buy from Penn Fencing, Inc., you have access to 1 of only 5 people in the state of Pennsylvania that have been able to meet and maintain this AFA certification .

American Fence

Tom Czwalga and Penn Fencing Inc. were integral in forming the Western PA / West Virginia Chapter of the American Fence Assoc.. Tom is the Sales Manager for Penn Fencing Inc. and was elected President of the newly formed AFA chapter by a party of his locally competing peers. He has served in that role for 2 years and can now, if he so chooses, hold positions with the national American Fence Association.

Several of Penn Fencing's staff and management are working directly with the AFA in their VFDRMA (VINYL FENCE DECK and RAILING MANUFACTURES ASSOCIATION) department to develop standards and specifications for proper vinyl fence installation. To sit on the board and assist with this important project, the AFA sought out people in the fence industry with vast experience and solid reputation for quality fence products and installation. When the specifications are complete, they will be the industry standards that all American fence companies should follow to assure proper product specifications and installation.

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