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Replace railings in your deck or entryway to improve curb appeal and create the all-important good first impression when selling your home.

When selecting vines for your fence or trellis, consider the amount of vertical support the mature vine will require. Some vines require light support such as a trellis, while others require real structural strength provided by a fence, arbor or pergola. Annual vines tend to need the least support, while some fruiting vines such as hardy kiwi and grapes require quite a lot.

Once upon a time, the careful angles of a lattice and the playful curves of a vine met on a garden trellis. This attractive pair resulted in more than a mere source of outdoor decor, however. They created an effective and attractive screen that can hide unwanted sights from view or create privacy.

Nantucket Trellis

Trellises are excellent vertical gardening structures because they help expose a vine's leaves to more sunlight. Some fruits and vegetables are actually most productive when supported by a trellis. Grapes, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peas, smaller varieties of gourds, squash, and pumpkins all benefit from vertical supports.

We’ve all heard the words, but it is easy to confuse trellises, arbors, pergolas, and gazebos. That’s partly because they have a number of things in common. For instance:

  • They all use lattices for both beauty and functionality.
  • They are all superb ways of supporting flowering and fruiting vines.
  • They can all contribute to summer shade, privacy, and practicality in the yard and garden.

The American homeowner is faced with a variety of options for fencing products and materials. One choice, vinyl, offers consumers versatility and durability in outdoor fence, railing and decking. Penn Fencing would like you to understand the benefits of buying American-made vinyl fencing and railing like the products we fabricate and sell. There are significant differences between the formulation and composition of vinyl that is manufactured overseas and imported to the U.S.A., and vinyl manufactured domestically in the United States.

Fence supply, fabrication and installation company, Penn Fencing, Inc. of Butler PA, recently named Chad Galbreath as its new President. He projects 2009 to be another good year for business growth. The new President attributes the company's success to maintaining its original values while keeping pace with an increasingly demanding business environment through change and innovation.

Despite the reduction in deer herds this year, deer grazing still presents a substantial threat to your trees and landscaping.  Deer damage to ornamental shrubbery and landscaping is projected to exceed $500 million this winter.

In light of recent poolside deaths reported in the press Chad Galbreath, President of Penn Fencing, Inc, would like to present tips on how to better secure a recreational area with fencing

PRWEB) May, 2016 --May is National Water Safety Month, and thousands of pools around the country will be opening just in time for Memorial Day, the unoffical start of summer. 

Penn Fencing Announces Five Tried and True Ways to Make this Summer's Porch or Deck Makeover a Success

For those who are considering a makeover for porch or deck this summer, there is a set of little known vinyl post, floor and railing makeover products that can make a porch look like new and improve the architectural detail without a major structural renovation. Chad Galbreath of Penn Fencing Inc. explains how vinyl post wraps, vinyl post sleeves and vinyl railing kits can improve homes at a substantial savings.

Now Homeowners Can Add the Curb Appeal of Stone Masonry at Half the Price with Faux Stone Columns and Panels

Manufacturing improvements have made the newest generation of simulated or faux stone columns and faux stone wall fence panels very realistic, sturdy and light. The new faux stone products can dramatically improve a home's curb appeal while costing up to 75% less than actual masonry. These decorative columns can be easily and quickly installed by a homeowner or anyone equipped with basic tools and construction experience.