How to Calculate Deck Boards and Fasteners

Deck Board Fastener Calculation

Step 1.
Determine size of deck and direction of deck boards.




Step 2. Determine length of deck board required.

Deck Fastener Calculation Example

Step 3. Calculate number of deck boards.

Width in inches divided by 5.65 = Number of deck boards.

Step 4. Calculate number of Deck fasteners required.

Fastener Type 16' board 20' board
Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener 13 per board 16 per board
Color Match Stainless Steel Screw 26 per board 32 per board
In the above example:
Required Board Length = 20'
180" divided by 5.65 = 31.85 rounds to (32) 20' boards
32 boards x 16 Tiger Claw per 20' board = (512) Tiger Claw Fasteners


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