Meet the Penn fencing Staff

Larry Galbreath, Founder Penn Fencing, Inc. Chad Galbreath, President
Donna Czwalga, Customer Service Tom Czwalga, Sales Manager Todd Zeigler, Commercial Sales
Anne Potlas, Office Manager Todd Bowser, Web Sales and IT Jim Shipe, Business Development
Justin DeSantis,
Residential Estimator
Tim Walsh,
Seneca Branch Sales
Sallie Gruda and
Sundeana McCullough,
Indiana Branch Sales
Joe Sedmak,
Residential Estimator
CNC Vinyl Router Pat Ziacik, Gates and Operators
Neal Jackson,
Deck and Rail Installation
Steve Kozakovsky,
Vinyl Fence Fabrication
Ange Waynar,
Custom Metal Fabrication
  Fidel Santiago,
Installation Foreman and
Seth Eisman Vinyl Rail
Dale Hertweck,
Deliveries and
Fleet Manager