Vinyl Post Sleeves

Vinyl Post Sleeves

These vinyl post sleeves are designed for new construction.

  • 4x4 vinyl post sleeve slides over treated wooden 4x4 lumber and are commonly used  for fences less than 5' high and for deck railing. Wall thickness 0.130 inches.
  • 6x6 vinyl post sleeve slides over treated wooden 6x6 lumber and are great for decks. Wall thickness 0.135 inches.
  • 1 piece white vinyl construction
  • 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" white vinyl post sleeves of your specified length available to order.
  • Now available in black. 

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Outside dimensions are true 4 or 6 inches. Post sleeves are available in 3 standard colors. And now available in black! Select color below.
Sold online in standard lengths. Vinyl post sleeves also available in custom cut lengths.
Many varieties of post caps and trim to choose from, caps and skirts / trim are sold separately.

Showcase your posts with our new Designer Series Solar Lights

Note about shipping: We now offer the option to ship to a freight terminal for local pickup. With the freight terminal pickup option,  items 96" or longer can be shipped at a much lower cost than shipping freight direct to a residence. Simply add your material to the shopping cart and use our built in shipping calculator to see the best rates.

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Vinyl Post Sleeve 6x6x10 - White
Model #: 6060W120
Price: $83.82
Post Sleeve 6x6x8 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 6060W96
Price: $79.96
Post Sleeve 6x6x60 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 606060W
Price: $44.78
Post Sleeve 6x6x54 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 606054W
Price: $42.71
Post Sleeve 6x6x4 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 606048W
Price: $36.65
Post Sleeve 6x6x40 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 606040W
Price: $29.84
Post Sleeve 6x6x36 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 606036W
Price: $28.50
Post Skirt - 6x6 White
Model #: 1301W
Price: $3.57
6x6 New England Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1302W
Price: $11.18
6x6 Flat Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1247W-6
Price: $5.40
Post Skirt - adjustable White, fits 4 or 6 wrap
Model #: 1189W
Price: $9.77
6 Decorative Knuckle White
Model #: 1301W2
Price: $6.30
Post Sleeve 4x4x12 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 4040144W
Price: $49.95
Post Sleeve 4x4x8 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 404096W
Price: $35.87
Post Sleeve 4x4x6 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 404072W
Price: $27.90
54 White Vinyl Post Sleeve
Model #: 404054W
Price: $20.19
48 White Vinyl Post Sleeve
Model #: 404048W
Price: $17.47
45 Vinyl Post Sleeve -Rail -White
Model #: 404045W
Price: $15.73
39 Rail Post Sleeve White
Model #: 404039W
Price: $14.24
Post Skirt - 4x4 one piece White
Model #: A-44TRW
Price: $1.60
4x4 New England Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1039W
Price: $4.20
4x4 Flat Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1003W
Price: $1.02
4x4 Dome Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1117W
Price: $7.75
4x4 Gothic Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1005W
Price: $6.80
Post Skirt - 4x4 two piece White
Model #: 1156W
Price: $1.89
4 Decorative Knuckle White
Model #: 1096W
Price: $4.54
Post Sleeve 8x8x10 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 8080W120
Price: $449.09
Post Sleeve 8x8x9 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 8080W108
Price: $404.18
Post Sleeve 8x8x54 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 808054W
Price: $202.08
Post Sleeve 8x8x38 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 808038W
Price: $101.75
Post Skirt - 8x8 White
Model #: 1571W
Price: $10.23
8x8 New England Vinyl Post Cap -White
Model #: 1415W
Price: $37.51
Post Sleeve 5x5x12 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 5050144W
Price: $60.64
Post Sleeve 5x5x8 long - White Vinyl
Model #: 505096W
Price: $40.47
5x5x54 Vinyl Post Sleeve -Rail -White
Model #: 505054W
Price: $22.76
5x5x48 White Vinyl Post Sleeve
Model #: 505048W
Price: $20.23